Let’s Make a Memory with Rex Smith

21 02 2009

Rex Smith Mini-Concert

I arrived about 2 hours earlier but the venue was already full. You can only see one empty seat in every row but I was quite lucky to find two adjacent chairs in the second row from the last.  I wondered where my colleague was, when she was supposed to reserve a seat for me since her house is just a stone’s throw away from Southmall.  

That was my first time to see a free show at the mall.  I never gave a heck of time in the past until last February 15.  Who would pass up this very rare chance to witness an international artist perform up close, at no cost?  And we’re talking of Rex Smith here,  famous 80’s heartthrob and pop icon. 

When my colleague arrived, she expressed her doubts on whether Rex Smith is really performing.  There wasn’t any single song by the artist being played on the PA system at that time.  Oh well, I was wondering, too as early as Saturday when I checked on the venue.  There was no poster of Smith, no clear sign to that effect.  Could it just be Faith Cuneta singing Rex Smith’s most popular songs?   After a while, there was a welcome announcement confirming Rex Smith’s appearance that night.  We still couldn’t believe it, but it was repeated several times more.   “So it’s gonna be Rex Smith!”  Then, it would be really worth the wait.

At a  little past 6 p.m., the mini-concert was started with two dance numbers followed by a piano solo from a certain pianist (I forgot the name) then a Broadway song from Faith Cuneta.  After a few more songs, Rex Smith came out of the stage.  He was damn cute and sexy!  Without much ado, he started with the song You Take My Breath Away.   Oh my gosh!  That is my most favorite song of Rex Smith.  But, I hadn’t changed the battery of my camera yet.   Earlier, I discovered that the battery was about to drain.  I was panicking.  I wanted to capture this but it was too late.  “Anyway, there’s still the next song.”   I so wanted to record everything but I only had a 512-MB card with me and one working battery (I hope still fully charged).   I decided to just take a few shots and then I went to the middle aisle, at the front,  to get a better view.  I left my things with my colleague and just brought my camera and mobile phone with me.

I was able to record a video of him while singing Let’s Make a Memory thru my digicamI missed the first part though.   His renditions of Forever and Simple Jessie were recorded thru my mobile.   I didn’t realize he was that good… 4 songs in a row, no break.

He didn’t stay that long after his singing.  I was quite disappointed co’z I wanted to go up the stage and have a shot with him.  There was one lady who brought a record which he signed after his last song.   Lucky was she, for she received a peck on her cheek.  After that, Rex Smith was gone.  

We left the area and proceeded to the side hoping to still get a glimpse of Smith but he was nowhere to be found.  Faith Cuneta was the one who appeared.  I decided then to have a few shots of her while I was still aching to see Rex Smith.   My colleague suggested that we try to check out the back door.  Both doors were open.  I was thinking he already left…  that fast.   I was already giving up until we reached the left door.  I saw 2 ladies getting inside.  “He must still be there!”

I was right, he was still inside.  After taking a close-up shot of him, I asked one of the event staff if we can have a shot together.   Before the guy took our shots, I told Rex Smith, “I’m a fan of yours!”  He just smiled.   I still couldn’t believe it was happening.  Right before my eyes was Rex Smith and I had touched him.  I was blushing like a little girl.  I could feel the flush in my cheeks.   Another female fan came in, took a shot then asked if she can kiss him.   I got to kiss him, too!  “Can I kiss you, too?”  So I moved toward him and brushed my cheek to his.   Then my colleague handed me her camera but she was too shy to approach Smith.  I was instructing her to move closer  right after a male fan was done with his shot with Smith.   He was no longer that attentive so my colleague gave up.  “It’s ok.  We have our shots in your camera, anyway” (Ok lang, meron naman sa camera mo), she said.  She stood at the right side of Smith when the event staff took a shot of me with Smith.   

I didn’t want to leave but I thought he deserved and needed some privacy that time.  That was enough privilege already.  So we left.

We were already a few steps away from that back door when my colleague said,  “Let me take a look at our pictures!” (Patingin!).   When we checked…. 

I didn’t know how to react.  I wanted to laugh out loud but I also felt sorry for her co’z she was not there in the pictures.   The guy zoomed my camera in while taking our shot so he was able to capture only me and Smith.   “I’m sorry about that, Sylvs!”


Rex Smith in the Flesh: The Day Before

14 02 2009

Last Thursday, a colleague had started convincing me to watch Peter Cetera’s Valentine Concert at the Araneta Coliseum.  Aside from the distance and the short notice, I told her that I much prefer David Pomeranz.  She finally gave up last Friday and invited me instead to see Rex Smith who’s coming to Southmall, Las Piñas City.

I thought today is the day I’m going to see Rex Smith in the flesh.  I was even planning to move my appointment for a facial from 5 p.m. to maybe 7 p.m. co’z mall events are usually held between 4 and 6 p.m.   When I arrived at the mall at 3:30 p.m., I proceeded to the activity area and checked on some posters or the like on the stage.  There I discovered that the scheduled activity for the day was the Celebrity Dating Game and tomorrow will be the Rex Smith on Broadway Love feat. Faith Cuneta.  “Ok, it’s not today.  I can come back tomorrow.  No problem with that.  I don’t have any commitment, anyway.”