Oh la la with Royce’ Chocolates…

13 06 2009

I was quite busy the past weeks that I wasn’t able to finish this post before the Hayden Kho scandal came out.   The chocolate I would be writing about is the same chocolate that Hayden’s partner had in one of the videos (if you know Royce’ and was too observant).   So this is all about Royce’ and has nothing to do with Hayden Kho. 

I just want to share that I finally had a taste of Royce’ chocolate.  When my two friends invited me to have lunch at Rockwell (co’z one of them was planning to have a hair cut at Basement Salon), I didn’t think twice.  I thought I would finally buy myself this much recommended Nama chocolate from Hokkaido, Japan.

Upon reaching Rockwell, I spotted right away Royce’s store.  We went straight to the store and checked out the items on display.  As a dark chocolate lover, I chose the bitter Nama chocolate and a bar of Rum Raisin Chocolate.  


I would say that Royce’ has become another favorite.   It may be a little more expensive than Truffettes de France, but it’s really worth it.   The pack contains 20 small rectangular cuts of chocolate generously dusted in bitter chocolate powder and small spatula. 

I enjoyed the extra smooth and velvety texture and subtle aroma.  I used to chew my chocolates when I was young but not anymore.  I’ve discovered that allowing my chocolate to slowly melt in my mouth gives a more enjoyable and pleasurable sensation.   Royce’ Nama is neither too sweet nor too bitter that even the regular chocolate lovers would appreciate it. 

The Rum Raisin, on the other hand, is another must-try for the more daring and adventurous palates.  This comes a little bitter from the rum itself.  I’ve had Rum Raisin chocolates by several other makers but Royce’s version is the best.  The other versions came too sweet for me because of the raisins but not in Royce’.   The raisins here tasted like they were soaked in rum so you can imagine how the whole bar tasted, so heavenly….


I gotta taste this Royce’ chocolate

23 12 2008


During my browsing, I chanced upon a few posts that made mention of this another outstanding foodie find which originated from Hokkaido, Japan.  One wrote that it is called the Rolls Royce of chocolates.  I wish I had read them first before I went to Hongkong last year and Singapore last October.  The good thing is… it’s now locally available according to one blog writer.  Royce’ flagship store, carrying almost the complete line of products including the Chocolate Dipped Potato Chip, located at the 3/F Power Plant Mall in Rockwell opened last December 6 . 

I was in Rockwell last week, on the same floor, with some colleagues for my birthday treat.  Had I known about Royce’ earlier, I would have gotten myself these little blocks of  Nama choco delights. 

 Will it replace my Truffettes de France? 

 Can hardly wait.  I’m coming there soon!