Chocolate Cake Tasting

22 11 2008

It seems like I’m into chocolate cake tasting these days.  Well, it was just coincidence.  Yeah, I had the Chocolate Magma Cake by Truffettes de France last Tuesday and the Tablea Cake by Tsoko.Nut at the tiangge (bazaar) yesterday.  I don’t know if it’s appropriate to compare these two, but let’s see… 


Magma by TdF

Tablea by Tsoko.Nut

Country of Origin France* Philippines
Chocolate Ingredient Original TdF truffles Tablea (cacao tablets)
Est. Dimension Height: 1 inch                        Diameter: 2 inches Height: 2 inches                      Diameter: 3 inches
Price PhP 160 PhP 90
Overall Appearance Good Good
Personal Rating (scale of 1 to 10, 10 = highest) 7.0 7.5
Remarks Lacking that truffles taste Better if the cake is a little moist and less sweet
* only the truffle ingredient but the cake is locally made