Return to Som’s

16 04 2009

Som's Noodle House

I had another lunch at Som’s today with my boss and colleagues.  This time, I didn’t get a hard time making a reservation at the airconditioned section, maybe because it’s Thursday.  Actually, the place was not fully occupied the whole lunchtime.

The new dishes we tried include the beef red curry (Php120) which had just the right spiciness. This is supposed to be the spiciest of them all (red, green, yellow) but yes, even those who don’t go for very spicy food can have this.   To fully savor the dish, we opted to have steamed rice only.  The other dish we had was  Pak Boong (water spinach or swamp cabbage) with Shrimp stir-fried in oyster sauce (Php120). There was no hint of spiciness although the photo on the wall showed some red chili pepper in this dish.  I didn’t see any pepper at all.   The other dishes we ordered were spring rolls again and Pad Thai with shrimps this time. The shrimps which go from medium to large is one thing I liked at Som’s.

Just before we got our bill, a small coaster arrived.  My colleague recognized right away one of the passengers, well-known film and TV director Binibining (Miss) Joyce Bernal.  Taking the seat facing me, I sort of had a chance to watch her closely.  I can discern that she’s already familiar with Som’s – must be a frequent diner there.  Seems like this hole-in-the-wall dining place has really gained a reputation in Thai dishes…  In one blog I read sometime ago, it was mentioned that some ABS-CBN people were also seen in this place.   


Som’s Noodle House: An experience

9 04 2009

I finally had a taste of Som’s Noodle House last Friday.  We had been planning to try it since February this year when my colleague showed me a copy of its menu but I first heard about it from another friend almost two years ago when we were at Oody’s Greenbelt.  She particularly loved Som’s Pad Thai.  Then, I forgot all about it until I saw the photocopied menu.

While I was on leave to attend to my sick mother, my boss told me that they dropped by  Som’s just to order some food to go for lunch co’z the enclosed section of the area which is airconditioned is rather small and fully occupied. They couldn’t afford to dine al fresco at that hour – under the heat of the sun.   However, the feedback about the food was positive so I said I want to try it also very soon.

So last Friday, I called up a friend the last minute to have our lunch there.  I tried to make an early reservation at the airconditioned area but the staff told me that they don’t accept reservations for two.  According to her, the area which can sit as much as 20 people was already full at that time.  When I fetched my friend, I tried to call Som’s again and this time I was able to speak with Ms. Eva who happens to be the owner (which I learned later, whose husband, who is the cook, is a Thai national with the surname Pattamadilok).  What I did was – I placed my order and then asked if she can reserve 2 seats in the airconditioned area and she said, “Ok”. 

I was expecting to see a small dining place but still with that restaurant-look. But no! It’s very similar to a carinderia but located in the Rockwell area.  If you will see the place, you will think twice but when you get to see the people dining there – varying from office people (young and old), foreigners, family – you will be intrigued.

I and my friend shared in one order of plain Pad Thai, priced at Php120 (but can be ordered with either beef, pork, chicken or shrimp for an additional Php30), garlic pepper shrimp at Php120 (with 4 pieces of medium-sized shrimps seasoned with a dark sauce and lots of garlic, no hint of spiciness which I was expecting), bagoong rice with small cuts of pork and slices of green mango and scrambled egg at Php85 (of which can be taken as a complete meal).  And as suggested by my colleague, we didn’t miss to order Thai tea for each of us.  The bottled milk tea came a little too sweet for me but was good enough for the price of Php40.  I was not quite impressed with its version of Pad Thai which was drier, a little sweeter and kinda lacking of something really Thai.  The serving was so generous though that it can be shared by three. I liked its spring roll which I ordered for take home at Php80.  What made me appreciate it?  I think it was the special sauce made of tomatoes, chilis and other Thai spices. I even took home the remaining sauce for I planned to make spring rolls that weekend.

I still want to return to this place to try its curry dishes, Tom Yum and again the bagoong rice and spring rolls.  Just a tip for those working in the vicinity and would want to have their lunch there, you can take a tryke and then contract the driver to return after an hour or you can ask for his mobile number and ring him when you’re done. 

Som’s Noodle House 5921-A Alger St., Poblacion, Makati City

Pattamadilok was a former chef of Sukhothai based on September 9, 2007 article in Sunday Inquirer Magazine.(