Badminton addict in the making… watch out!!!

7 11 2008

The temperature is still high… I can feel it.  I’m referring to the “badminton fever”.  More often than not, on my way to work, I can see at least one with a racket in his gym bag.   I can imagine this guy preparing to step on his badminton shoes at the strike of 5 p.m. for the appointed 6 p.m. game.

I can assume that most of those who attended a badminton clinic 5 or 6 years ago (I remember it started around that period) have already mastered the sports, while I just started learning it.  Poor me… I guess it’s better late than never…

Yeah, I gave up my 5 p.m. yoga class last Tuesday to join my colleagues at a nearby court.   I don’t have a racket yet, but thanks to my boss who brought an extra.  I was the one who  played first and the moment I hit the shuttlecock, I got excited.  Wow!  I loved the feeling… “I want this!!!”  They really saw my enthusiasm and excitement.  I was “hyper”…

I had actually planned to be into it a few years back but then again, my work commitments didn’t allow me to, as always….

My goal now… to join the bandwagon… to master it.  I hope it’s not yet too late… Anyone interested to be my coach?  Hehehe….