That thing called “chocolate”

29 04 2009

Boyfriend Replacement Chocolate Bar

All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt! (Charles Schulz)

This holds very true for me.  So while waiting for my Romeo to come along, I might as well have a bar or a piece of dark chocolate and a good massage.  These are sort of my instant picker-uppers whenever I’m exhausted or just not in a good mood.  I would like to dwell more on chocolates in this writing, though.  Apparently, many are already aware that chocolate contains some chemicals that really improve one’s mood.

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a naturally occurring amino-acid which some consider to have aphrodisiacal effects and is even said to be able to “cure” hangovers. Phenylethylamine is a substance which is released naturally in the human body when you’re in love. Other stimulants present in chocolate are dopamine and serotonin, which alleviate pain and encourage a good mood. Serotonin produces feelings of pleasure in a similar way to sunlight. Chocolate also contains theobromine, a chemical stimulant frequently confused with caffeine, but has very different effects on the human body. It is a mild, lasting stimulant with a mood improving effect. Its presence is one of the causes for chocolate’s mood-elevating effects.

According to the web, phenylethylamine or PEA is called the “love chemical” or “love drug”.  Maybe this is one reason why lately I have this very strong craving for chocolates – dark chocolates.  I must be longing for that “loving” feeling (hahaha). Honestly, feasting on a bar of really good dark chocolate gives me that warm and relaxed feeling, that unique pleasure especially the moment it slowly melts in your mouth. Ahhh!  Anyone wanna argue ?

I have several brands, from bar to truffles, in the fridge waiting to be gorged on.  The good thing about dark chocolate is its higher cocoa content compared with other variants which means more flavonoids or antioxidants.  But dark chocolate is still chocolate which is a high-calorie and high-fat food, thus, must be taken in moderation.  Based on studies, a 100-gram or 3.5-ounce bar of dark chocolate a day is beneficial.  Yeah, you read it right, that’s “a day”.  Ok, gotta grab a bar now….  More about chocolates next time.


Lindor: Another chocolate must-try

22 04 2009

Went to Landmark Makati a few weeks ago to purchase some parsley, celery and strawberries for my smoothies for I find the fruits and veggies in this supermarket a lot fresher than in SM and even Rustans.  I was on my way to line up at the counter when I passed by this condola rack containing chocolates of the Swiss chocolate maker, Lindt.  I already got myself the Excellence Orange Intense which is a dark chocolate variant with orange pieces but after checking out the rest of the shelf, I saw the Lindor truffles.  It was my first time to see Lindor in the supermarket so instead of getting the Excellence bar, I chose the pack of Lindor.  My first palate experience of Lindor happened at the same time I had Truffettes de France – during my brother’s first return to Manila in 2003.  

Lindor Truffles (200 grams)

The 200-gram pack contained 4 truffle flavors – dark, milk, white chocolate and hazelnut.   These chocolate balls are prepared with an outer shell and super melting fillings in either silky dark chocolate, smooth milk or white chocolates, or a delicious combination of milk chocolate and hazelnuts.  I really enjoy the smooth texture as it slowly melts in your mouth.  Ahhh, tastes so heavenly!

Lindor comes in 16 different flavors.  I haven’t yet tried dark orange, stracciatella, peanut butter, extra dark, raspberry,  dark choco peppermint and the limited edition milk with white.

Dec. 31- Last Day of Truffettes de France Promo

30 12 2008

I got a text this morning from Truffettes de France Glorietta 4 outlet informing me that the last day of its “Buy 2 500-gm packs for Php999” will be tomorrow, Dec. 31.

I texted back to say that this info should have been relayed to customers a little earlier.  I really want to purchase 2 more boxes coz my friend from Canada is not coming to Manila until next year so that means no truffles from my brother. 😦  But, I had to do some errands and had an appointment for a facial treatment.   I can’t afford to go to Makati at this time.  Besides, the traffic situation is worse.

I don’t know how long my remaning 1 1/3 boxes will last co’z I have other brands to indulge in in-between like Ritter Sport Dark Whole Hazelnuts, Hershey’s & More Creme Filling and Toblerone’s Dark Minis.  Yesterday, I got myself a Ferrero, Snickers Dark and a box of Marks and Spencer Cherry Liqueurs – dark chocolate with a whole cherry and brandy center.  Well, those who know that I love dark chocolates also know that I love chocolates with liquor.  No! I don’t drink… I just love the taste of liquor in my chocolate or cake, the bitter, the better. 

And this afternoon, I was looking at some variants of Lindt chocolates.  I wonder if the Lindor Truffles are locally available coz I also love Lindor.  I was thinking – after I had a taste of Royce’, I’ll purchase Lindt’s 70% Excellence Thins then.  Meantime, I got Meiji’s Chocolate Macadamia today as an addition.


Badminton and Truffles?

23 11 2008

Since I don’t frequent Mega Mall, I decided to go there two (2) hours earlier than the scheduled “Mega Sizzle” of Classique Herbs.  I wanted to check out some new stores, etc.   Obviously, that was so short a time to do that but I knew that I’ll still be able to bring home something.  True enough…

An ongoing sports-related event/exhibit sponsored by Chris Sports at the ground floor of Building A caught my attention.  Sports equipment, gadgets, etc. were on display.  I was almost at the end of the display area when I saw badminton racquets with discount tags.  You guessed it… I got myself a Prince Os White (as suggested by the sales attendant who happens to be a badminton enthusiast, too) at half the price.  I don’t know anything about racquets but I’m quite sure that I will not go wrong with Prince.  I was told that Prince creates and develops new designs every six months.  How true?

Aside from the black/gray racquet bag and stringing service, there were no other freebies.  So I paid for the string and grips.  But the defective grips made me wait for soooo long.  They didn’t have other Prince grips so the sales attendant requested me to join her to their outlet (about 5-min. walk from the exhibit area) to choose another brand.   So all their Prince grips stocks were defective.  I was so disappointed.  How can that be?  Was it because they are China-made?  I was cursing China for that.  Now, we’re not sure of the quality of these branded stuff co’z they are made in China.  I just hope that my brand new, quite expensive racquet will “live” up to my expectations.

The “Mega Sizzle” concluded later than expected so I was worried co’z my plan earlier was to get the truffles that day while still on promo.  But I needed to return to Chris Sports for my racquet.  Since I availed of the free stringing service, I was advised to return and claim it after a while.  Rushing it will affect the quality of the stringing.


After I got my racquet, I wondered if I can still make it to Glorietta.  Then I thought, since Shangrila Mall is just in the vicinity, I (with a friend) decided to drop by Truffettes de France’s outlet there.  And I was lucky enough co’z just after I got off the escalator, at my right, there stood a few steps away Truffettes.  I looked right away for that similar sign of the promo sale. Yes!  Still!  “Two 500-gm, please.”  Then, I left with all smiles…

Love at First Bite with Truffettes de France III

21 11 2008

It’s Friday but I couldn’t afford to drop by Glorietta to purchase the truffles co’z I got some food stuff and a few other items from our company’s tiangge (bazaar).   My shopping bag was already heavy and full.   No more space for the truffles.   Even if there was, I will not take the risk.   I wanted Truffettes to reach our fridge “safe and sound”.  I still have tomorrow anyway.   I didn’t hear from the storekeeper so I can assume that the promo stocks are still available.   I hope…

Love at First Bite with Truffettes de France

9 11 2008

Truffettes de France

I want Truffettes de France now!!!   That’s my status in my yahoo messenger for quite a while now.  But last week, I almost jumped with joy like a grade schooler with my eyes popping out when I saw that kiosk in Glorietta.  I wasn’t quite sure until I was already about five steps closer.  It was real, I was not dreaming.  It had been sitting there since March 2008 according to the storekeeper.  Why did I miss it?  It was a bit pricy but that didn’t stop me to get a pack.  But at least I managed to control myself (again) this time.  I just got myself a 10-pc pack (80 grams), but I assured the young lady that I will come back for more.  Bwahaha…

‘Twas in December 2003 when I had the first taste of these heavenly truffles from the county of Lille, France courtesy of Vicoy, my brother who is based in Canada.   Since then, Truffettes de France had become my favorite.


What makes these truffles so heavenly at least in my palate?  Is it the smoothness, the creaminess, the richness in flavor, the aroma, or the cocoa powder dust?  All of the above or should I say it’s “All rolled into One”…

They are super temperature-sensitive that they go with a cold ice-like pack then wrapped in an insulation bag when you purchase them.  They are to be kept in a cool, dry place.  I remember the last time my brother sent me a 1kg.-pack thru his landlord, it turned into a chocolate drink pack.  Yeah, before the truffles reached my excited hands and drooling mouth, they had melted.  I kept the pack in the fridge and to my wonder, the taste didn’t change, not a bit (for me), but I had to chop it (can’t slice as it hardened like a rock).

To enjoy these delicate truffles, the package says – place them at an ambient temperature of 19o to 20o one hour in advance and savour them in the height of their aroma and smoothness.  Well, I don’t follow that… I savour them straight out of the fridge.  It has always been like that.

I really had fallen in love with Truffettes de France.  Nothing can match the quality, at least for now… I had tried the Godiva (a very expensive Belgian brand) milk chocolate bar but not its truffles.  I told my brother that I will be contented even with the smallest pack of Godiva truffles but he told me it was around Php1,500 so he had second thoughts. He chose to purchase the milk chocolate bar, which for me tasted like the other ordinary choco bars.  As for its version of truffles, I don’t know… that remains to be tasted. Who knows?  I might switch…